Setting up a new Sports Innovation requires experience and knowledge in many areas. As former athletes and cross-country skiers, we know the demands of the sports and what functionality is needed to optimize performance for nordic athletes.

Introducing Next Generation Nordic Racesuit

We know the competition in the market from other brands and can easily identify the strength and weaknesses of the other competitive brands. This makes it possible to craft concepts the goes beyond the suits that are already available in the market.

Innovation Process based on Knowledge

Listing the properties that are important, and understanding the three key areas from the human body’s physical needs, environmental challenges with the weather elements, and finally, the sport-specific demands make it possible to bring an innovation that goes beyond the industry!

Setting up the right Tool Box

With years of textile and manufacturing experience both in the fashion and sports industries, we know where to find the right materials and identify the right material properties to bring the best quality.

Achieving the Performance Target

One key aspect of achieving a top-performing race suit is optimizing the aerodynamic properties. Coming back to the sport and how you position yourself on the skis while pushing the speed downhill gives you an understanding of where the air travels over and around your body. The performance design considers all the factors of aero dynamics, ergonomic fit, and freedom of movement, plus optimizing the microclimate.

Performance Product Design & Graphic Design coming together

The design platform is given by the project and the customer. The graphic design is worked out by listening to the wishes and needs of the athletes, coaches, and the federation in this case.